River Bottom Beagles


She likes money

Friday night, after work. Load the dogs for the trip up to the farm. Monroe just started having puppies. Dang.

Put the new puppies and mom in an airline kennel in the back seat, stripped down to a tee shirt and cranked up the heat and we arrived with more dogs than we left with. Monroe and all ten puppies are doing well.

The nice weather made for some good running. Perfect puppy weather. A little wild and crazy fast, white rabbits leading ten screaming loud beagles all over the woods.

Sunday night we had to head back. New puppies on one side in back and Lovie’s seven week old litter on the other side. The little loves can get loud. They were having a good time. It’s a wonder I have any hearing left.

They like music. Reckless Kelly. Not so much the slow ones. These pups like to rock. Crank up She Likes Money, He Likes Love and they settle right down.

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Long night moon

December days are short here. The full moon comes up early and stays late.

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Ready for winter

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Old Barn

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The older gentleman at the next table was in trouble. The people with him were starting to panic. Lisa ran over and checked his pulse. Nothing.

Lisa had an doctors appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Our son Cody drove her down. The appointment went well and she had Cody take her out for breakfast.

“Would someone please call 911?”

“Anyone here that can do CPR?” She got a doctor and an RN. Only in Rochester.

With Lisa’s help, they gently lowered the poor guy to the floor and started CPR.

Lisa went to the man’s wife and started talking to her. By the time the first responders arrived Lisa was able to give them a quick medical history. He was diabetic and had just started dialysis.

They were unable to save him.

The sweet little old lady had just watched her husband die. Lisa sat and talked with her. They had a son who was a doctor in a town close to where we live and Lisa let her know that her son could be there in under four hours to help her. She was able to get a smile from her.

When things calmed down, our son Cody was hovering over his mother and trying to take care of her. Lisa told him to relax and eat his breakfast. “I can’t eat.” A first for Cody. I’ve never seen him unable to eat.

Just another day for Lisa. Stuff like this seems to happen around her all the time. I sometimes think someone puts her in places where people will need her help. It’s what she does best.

That was yesterday. Today Lisa had laser surgery on her eye. Trying to keep that damn disease, diabetes from taking what’s left of her eyesight. Sounds like she may need regular eye surgery, the kind with knives instead of lasers.

It pisses me off. I know anger won’t help anything, but I don’t care. I wish diabetes was some kind of living thing I could take the axe to.

I can deal with all the doctors appointments and bills. Having part of her foot amputated wasn’t really that big of a deal. With all she has been through we have always been able to get by and even have some good stories to tell. Doctors are usually a serious bunch, but Lisa has a talent for making them laugh.

Except for the cardiologists. They just don’t have any sense of humor.

If Lisa ends up losing her eyesight I know we will be able to deal with it.

But I can’t take hearing the way her voice sounded on the phone today.


The chase

As followed from high up in a deer stand on a hill…

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DSC_0043 (800x461)

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