River Bottom Beagles



Fresh dog tracks in the snow. Outside the fence. Monroe must be out.

Monroe likes to jump up and climb over the gate whenever she gets bored with staying inside the pen. She usually just stays around the front door of the kennel and waits for me to let her back in.

I didn’t see her anywhere. Followed her tracks up around the house. Nothing but rabbit tracks heading for the woods. Went in the house to see if maybe Lisa had let her in. No.

I started calling and pretty soon Monroe was at the fence, on the inside, looking at me. “What do you want?”

If it hadn’t been for the fresh snow I would have never known she was out. This could be an every day thing and I’m just now catching on.

Know that feeling when someone says something and your not sure if they are serious or they are making fun or you and you are not quite smart enough to get it?

DSC_0004 (800x533)

The view

At work I’m stuck in a big building without windows. Can tell if it’s light or dark, sunny or snowing. I’m not the kind of person that can live that way. I need to see the sky.

Days I’m not working, I take my dogs and head for the woods. The only place that feels comfortable. Feels like going home.

Seems like people are busy trying to tear down and dig up every last bit of where they came from, just to make more money to buy stuff with. And there is no stopping them. Us. We are all guilty. Does a smartphone really feel that much better than a campfire?

DSC_0047 (800x533)

DSC_0034 (800x533)


In the woods, nothing goes to waste.

DSC_0095 (800x533)DSC_0099 (800x533)
DSC_0092 (800x533)



DSC_0127 (800x533)


She’s one of those dogs that starts putting on a show when you get the camera out.

DSC_0033 (800x533)

DSC_0036 (800x533)


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