River Bottom Beagles



you need to take time out from the race for a moment and take it all in.

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Fire sky

It’s been warm, windy and dry here this spring. We went out to run the dogs one day in the cool of the evening. That afternoon we noticed smoke in the sky to the south. Coming home later that night the sky in the south was lit up with an orange glow. Not a good thing to see.

Later we found out a fire had started near a highway and burned an area a mile wide and five miles long. One home was lost in the fire.

Smoke in the sky as the sun was going down was our backdrop as the dogs were running. I was busy with the dogs as the sun was going down and missed the best part of the sunset, all I managed was to take this picture.

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How was your day?

Lisa posted this on her Facebook page today:

I have the most exciting news !!! I’m trying not to jump up and down but today I couldn’t take it anymore since I lost part of my foot in Oct I haven’t drove and if you know me at all you know it’s been driving me CRAZY and I really had lot of great people helping me get out of the house thank you so much for that. But today I couldn’t think of anyone to ask down here and I hate asking for help so. I drove myself to Walmart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all went well. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at last!!

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The Flying Saucer

One of the best parts about hunting these beagles is finding places like the Flying Saucer.

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The dogs are running. This is a good rabbit crossing. Right through that hazel brush. A beautiful spring day. Under these trees that are a lot older and way bigger than me. A long ways from any houses or roads or man made noise.

Pete is fooling with his new radios he got in a box of stuff for under two dollars. “Can you hear this? How about now?” I wasn’t paying him much attention. Distracted. I would have gladly given him two dollars to take my radio.

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