River Bottom Beagles



We got this storm about a week before Thanksgiving.



Sometimes I can’t find enough time or energy for words but I can give you a picture and hope it makes your day a little better.



Middle of the road

This huge old white pine somehow survived the logging boom and still stands in the middle of the road that runs along the river in McGivern park.


What keeps me going

I see these two and the sun comes up pushing the darkness back and painting the sky pink and red. They come running and jump in my arms and give me a big hug and their warmth drives the cold away, melts the ice and makes life good again.


Rest in peace

Irene and I put Lisa’s ashes in her wagon and pulled them up to the hill where many of Lisa’s canine friends are buried yesterday. It’s a nice spot with a fine view of the river bottom, a trail from the house through the oak trees leads there. A good place to go and visit. A small gathering of close friends and family said their goodbyes. Uncle Randy read from the bible Lisa was given by her grandparents when she was young. It got her through confirmation and laid her to rest.

Hope was there, soaking up all the attention four little girls could give her. Turned out to be a nice day.

This may sound a little strange but when the simple oak box holding Lisa’s ashes was in the house I always felt like her spirit was there inside those walls. It’s not anything I could put into words, just kind of a comfortable feeling I had whenever I was there. Like when you come in from the cold and fill the stove and cover up on the couch with a warm blanket.

Last night all alone in the house, that feeling had gone cold. I started to wonder what I had done. It brought back the way it felt to loose her all over again.

Up early this morning long before daylight. I let Pumpkin and Love out and started loading up the dogs to head back to work. There was some thunder and lightning when I went to bed but now a full moon overhead lit up the fog that was filling up all the low ground. It was still and quiet. Where did Pumpkin go?

I heard her hit a trail behind the house. AAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWW! Such a loud, heavy voice. Hard to believe all that sound is coming from that little dog. Enough to send a chill down your spine. I walked that way to catch her, pulled along by the thrill I felt listening to her trail. Wondering what she was trailing and where it was going?

Pumpkin slowly trailed down through the yard to the scotch pines, then up through the oaks along the corn field and then right up to the cemetery. I called and Pumpkin came running down the trail through the oaks to meet me, wagging her tail so hard her whole body shook. I picked her up and looked up towards the cemetery a moment.

I thought life would get more “normal” and boring now. Guess not.