River Bottom Beagles



Sundae and Law were trailing a rabbit just down the hill from where Lisa’s lives now. Lisa would have loved the sound. She loved Law, he was her pride and joy. The day we buried Lisa’s ashes here, Law attached himself to Lisa’s mom’s side. He barely knew Lisa’s mom, but must have sensed the relationship and was looking for something he had been missing. Sundae has his picture on Lisa’s headstone. I hope someday, when I am laid to rest next to Lisa that someone will let some of my old dogs trail rabbits close by.


I am afraid of wolves. You should have a healthy respect for a predator that weighs as much as you do and likes to kill. I’m not afraid for myself, but for my dogs and the little girls that spend time out here with those dogs I worry a lot.

DSC_0057 (800x682)

Wolves were taken off the endangered list long ago by the people that are trained to manage wildlife. But politics and some judge from New York City or some place put them back on the list. Well meaning but misguided people that have no idea of the blood they have on their hands.

This is mostly farm land. Wolves have moved in because there are so many in this state they have no where else to go.

New Years day, as Law and Sundae were singing their song to Lisa and all the dogs buried near her, two wolves heard and came to eliminate the competition. I found Sundae not 20 yards from the cemetery. Lisa would have cried at the sound.

Law made it back to the house. His blood soaked my jeans and my tears soaked his fur as he died in my arms. I still can’t understand why.

Sundae and Law will have their own headstone near Lisa’s.




Hope all of you have a great Christmas!


Here’s your sign


Our house is the only one on a dead end road. More deer than cars travel this road. This week somebody put up the sign above. I can see it from the kitchen table. Here’s your sign.

There’s been some days lately it seems like the best part of this life is over. Not much to look forward to.

Lisa always said I’m never going to grow up. She lived each day like it was new and exciting. What kind of trouble can we get into today? She always decorated the whole house for Christmas. I put up the tree and strung the lights and then stayed out of the way. We have totes and totes full of decorations.

I wasn’t going to decorate this year, why bother? Just brings back memories. But Irene and Molly had different ideas. They couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to get over with so they could get out the Christmas decorations.

Now the tree is up and the whole house is decorated. Irene knew where everything went and couldn’t wait to get it there. Those two both loved granny Lisa a lot and they both miss her, but they don’t let that stop them from laughing and screaming and having fun and saying I Can’t Wait For CHRISTMAS To Get Here!

Lisa loved those two to the top of the sky and back and she would fight like a bulldog to keep them from getting hurt. She couldn’t stand the thought of causing them pain and she hasn’t.

I’ve been busy acting like an adult. Screw that! Time to do like the sign says!


We got this storm about a week before Thanksgiving.



Sometimes I can’t find enough time or energy for words but I can give you a picture and hope it makes your day a little better.



Middle of the road

This huge old white pine somehow survived the logging boom and still stands in the middle of the road that runs along the river in McGivern park.