River Bottom Beagles


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Too busy. Don’t have time for this. Wide awake and waiting for morning to get here. Make some coffee and sit on the deck and watch. So quiet here. The dogs are still sleeping. The nearest blacktop is a long ways off and it ain’t too busy. Won’t be anyone coming down this road for a long time.

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Nothing but the sound of the fog washing up the river bottoms like slow moving waves, the way it has been doing on cool summer mornings for hundreds of years with no regard for busy people.

The sun comes up and I’m wishing that it would have waited a while. What’s the rush?

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Wake up

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Four thirty AM. Cool forty seven degree late July morning. When I get old I’ll lay in bed and remember the mornings I spent out here. Right now, I don’t have time to get old.


The River Bottom Beagles chillin’ at the river on a hot day. Music is Set Me Free by Restless Kelly.

Rough weather

The moon is hanging low in the sky. There’s a big doe in the ditch watching my headlights closing in. Can’t slow down, too late for that. Hope she doesn’t jump.

Lightning flashing in the clouds to the west. Storm coming. You can feel it.

Been so busy. So much to do and can’t get it all done. Start catching up and something breaks down. Working extra hours trying to make up time. Just not enough time.

I got up early last Sunday. Filled up a thermos of coffee. Loaded up the dogs and brought them to the woods just at daybreak. Tried a new spot. There were rabbits there and the running was good. Had all the old dogs with, Hornet and Lovey and June and Joy. They had fun.

Later we let all the dogs run down to the river and go for a swim. It was a good day for the dogs.

We lost June on Monday. She was such a good dog.

After all these dogs you would think it would get easier but I’m always down and I’m not alright.

Now Hornet isn’t doing well. I want to take him hunting one last time, but his time is running out. Never enough time.

You can hear the thunder in the distance. Hot and humid and the wind is picking up and the lightning is getting closer.

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“I sit here on the stairs and listen to
The night time as the daylight fades away
It’s such a haunting and familiar tune
When I hear it in the distance, I can say

That I’m home”

Aaron Lewis – Massachusetts


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If you like dogs, this is one you need to watch.


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